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Water Patio House: Expansive Outdoors

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Ukranian designer team Drozdov & Partners has recently built an impressive low-rise family residence, the Water Patio. The box-like architecture of the house is complemented by the incredibly lush and extensive outdoor area with a gorgeous infinity pool that continuous the nautical theme of the horizon line.

Water Patio: Minimalism Indoors Vs Luxury Outdoors

Water Patio House

Extensive Outdoors Of the Water Patio House

Located in one the oldest and beautiful cities of Ukraine, Odessa, the Water Patio Project is quite large and contemporary. Even though it can’t boast the height it certainly shows off its charm through an expansive outdoor area. Spanning for about 800 square meters of space, the house has been built for a family that loves to spend the time out in the fresh air and to enjoy great vistas of the sea.

The interior of the house seems to accommodate the needs of a contemporary urban dweller, presenting minimum of furnishing with predominantly neutral palette. However, there are some bright highlights, for example in a form of a bright red chair, yet the hues mostly stay in the comfort zone for white and beige tones. The two-story building has several bathrooms and bedrooms, a library and a minimalistic living room for socializing. Not only the palette of the house is neutral, the designer team has chosen the natural neutral materials for furnishing the house. We see comfortable leather sofas, brute timber table and wooden panels on the walls.

However, what is even more impressive is the extensive outdoor area of the space. First of all it is the glazing of the first level that allows a thorough and magnificent view on the outdoors. The house is quite alienated from the urban infrastructure, therefore, the risk of trespassers is minimized and the privacy of the owners is safe. There is something almost magical in the way the property is set on the location. It’s main terrace and an entrance is facing beautiful skyline with a sea view. There is a stone pathway that creates an illusion of the pathway that seems to guide you right to the sea. Enjoy the pretty vistas of the house and its outdoors.

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