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Vegetable Garden Layout Basics

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Planning is essential when you are starting a garden, because the plants should have best conditions to be lush and abundant. Here are some basics on garden layout, that will make your garden bountiful and healthy.

Garden Planning

By now, you should probably know that each garden, despite having the best conditions for each plant type, can also be benefitted by the accompanying plants. However, we are going far ahead, because first of all you need to plan what greenery, vegetables should be in your garden. Among the popular choices are tomatoes, potatoes, corn, carrots, radishes, beans and of course herbs!
Once you have figured out what type of plants would be in your garden, make sure that you learn about each type of the plant receives the proper conditions. For instance, it is advised to place the taller plants in the back of the garden, and then plant other plants accordingly. Corn by the way, goes well with beans and summer squash. The corn provides support for the beans, while growing, while beans bring nitrogen to the soil, while squash is fighting of the weeds. This classic trio is known as three sisters, which was grown together by Native Americans for centuries.
Accompanying planting is great for several reasons: it can become natural pesticide; it can save a lot of space, if you have limited planting area. Remember that some plants, such as chives, garlic, onions, basil can repel insects and protect your plants. For instance, garlic and strawberry is the classic planting combination – because garlic is repelling to birds and insects that eat strawberry. However, not all insects are harmful – because some can actually help you. Insects such as lady bugs, praying mantis, spiders, wasps and several species of flies are eating the aphids and other nasty insects. One of the way to attract these bugs is to plants carrot, dill, parsley and coriander, which strong fragrances attract them. If you would be careful with the planning of your garden, your garden would fully reward you afterwards!

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