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Tree Tents by Luminair

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Do you like hiking and always take a tent with you? If yes, then you would be at least interested in this peculiar tree tent offered through Luminair!

Amazing Eco-friendly Tents

The suspended capsules by Luminair are an amazing project resulted from the three year research. The principals of sustainable development were followed while constructed. Designed from combination of green ash wood and strong, this construction is lightweight hybrid aluminum sub-frame components that can be easily transported and reassembled.
Just imagine how awesome it would be to suspend this tent somewhere in the deep woods, and spend some time alone with nature! The tent is 100% waterproof, so you won’t get all soaked up in the rain! The exterior is insulated with sheep wool, making it perfect for any weather conditions. The Tree Tents are available in olive green, red and natural. The Tent is quite big, having 3 meters in diameter, offering accomodation 2 adults. This wonderful tent has a bio-fuel stove for heating and cooking can also warm the water stored inside the under-floor tank. Isn’t it amazing?

Tree Tents


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