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Tornado Shelter Types

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The tornado, as you may know can be quite a threat taking unpredictable turns, and as it might happen it can be quite dangerous to be anywhere but in the shelter. If you live in an area that is prone to regular tornado threats, you might already considered building a tornado shelter, however, there are some basic things that you should know before doing so. So, this post will help in setting out the priorities on building the best tornado shelters.

Tornado Shelters: Underground VS Above Ground

Tornado Shelters

Tornado Coming

The most common type of a tornado shelter in the U.S. is of course the underground type, or basement shelter. However, there is a rising tendency towards the above ground shelter and there are several advantages of building them. As mentioned by Larry Tanner, a leading specialist and a research associate with Texas Tech University’s Wind Science and Engineering School, not everybody has a room for a basement shelter; therefore, a concept of the above-ground tornado shelter is more appealing to some people.

Above Ground Tornado Shelter

Another attractive feature of the above ground shelter is its access, so that instead of running away into the basement shelter, your above-ground shelter is more easily reachable, so that you can react easily. Studies show that above-ground shelters are even more efficient in saving people’s lives during tornadoes.

The underground shelters are pretty easy to build, but as anything that is buried in the ground, it collects bugs and dirt. If that fact doesn’t bother you, go ahead and hire a manufacturer so he can install the underground shelter in your yard. However, before doing that you should get familiar with Federal Emergency Management Agency booklet that is available on their web page, where they have on display several types of shelters that might be just perfect for you. At last, you should also know that the above ground shelter is usually a space within a room that is secured and more sturdy.

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  1. McKenzie
    March 3, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    How did you make this? Is it made of cement and then just covered with dirt/sod? This has got to be the cutest storm shelter I have ever seen!