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“The Small House” By Unemori Architects

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Unemori architects is probably one of the architects who care about the people down the middle. Architects who create or design a luxurious houses or large buildings may have been very much but the architects are willing to take a small value of the project is very rare, maybe they thought it was just a waste of their time alone, but Unemori Architects will prove that it is not absolutely true. They recently completed a project of The Small House, which is a project to build a house that could be occupied by a small family but the only available land area of four by four meters. This project may have never imagined how it might build a house with only the area of land but Unemori Architects will prove that is capable of doing.

Small House by Unemori Architects

Small House by Unemori Architects

Unique Design and Interesting “The Small House”

Japanese studio Unemori Architects has designed the Small House project. This tiny 13 x 13 feet, four stories, contemporary home sits on a 366 square foot lot in Tokyo, Japan. The Small House by Unemori Architects:“The small house which the married couple and their child live stand at the densely populated area in Tokyo. Though the neighboring houses are very close, I aimed to design the house which exceeds the physical narrowness living at the city. I laid out the 4m×4m building that as small as I can at the center of site area 34m2 and made some space for flowing of light and wind around it. And by making the space, it’s possible to avoid setback regulation and it has the 9m high volume like a tower. The inside is simple structure what is separated by the 4 floor boards and is joined by spiral stairway. Especially, by making some extremely thin floor boards (thickness 70mm) , the up and down floor boards got close and connected the whole space of the house without a break. The space of around the house is useful to let light and wind in. The wall of the rooms borders the outside, so I put windows in the best position that harmonizing with its surroundings. And the window is so big against the small room, every time the window opens or closes, the inside view dramatically changes. Especially, at the second and third floor there is a large hinged door each room, if it is opened, the inside of the room is enveloped in light and wind as if you are outside. By making the thin floor boards for connecting with their life and making the large windows that are opened toward the city, I aimed to exceed the segmentation, for example the up stair and the down stair, the inside and the outside, a building and the town, etc. to broaden the whole image of a house.

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