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Snow Removal Tips

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With the first days of heavy snow, you might already regret your wish for snow, don’t you? Well, the beauty of the wintery landscape can be preserved and your driveway can be cleared off the snow if you know about the Snow Removal tips!

Ideas for Removing Snow

Well, yes the first layer of crispy snow is sometimes beautiful and charming, but as soon as it gets harder, and when it turns to ice – it is not funny anymore! Depending on the amount of snow, and its density, here are some easy ideas to deal with snow on all stages of its decomposition.
1. One of the basic rules when removing snow is to dress properly, because you are going to be outside for some time, from 2 to 4 hours, and you should not expose yourself to neither extra heat nor extra cold. It is a best idea to remove the snow in the good weather condition, with clear vision – that there is now rain, or snow falling on you.
2. Remove all the heavy objects, such as rocks, branches and other from your path, or from the place where you are going to remove the snow – usually these are the driveways. One of the popular choices is to use a shovel to remove light amounts of snow, and for heavier choices some use snow blower. After you are done with removing the layers of snow from your driveway it is time to use some mixtures to prevent the slippery surface.

3.One of the options is to use rock salt on the surface, it will help you not to slip on the ice, in case it forms. However, gritty alfalfa meal can be used as an alternative to that. Chemicals, such as de-icers and anti-icers can help you deal with ice which will help in removing the layers of snow. The differences between de-icers and anti-icers is in time of their application. De-icer is applied to the snow surface, and it seeps through the surface to the ice and melts it there. While anti-icer is applied before the snowfall, and prevents the bonding of snow and therefore prevents the ice formation.

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