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Smart Vertical Gardening Ideas

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You may know that when the limited space is concerned, the best way for planting is to choose vertical gardening. It doesn’t take as much space as the horizontal one, and brings as much joy as does the regular gardening. There are several smart vertical gardening ideas that we are going to share today.

Unique Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening

Trellis Teepee Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening: Trellis

If you are thinking of ways to spruce up the vertical garden, why not try trellis? DIY trellis made of sticks can add rustic appeal to the vertical garden, while giving the support to the climbing plants. Trellis can be in a form of an archway (trellis teepee) or it can be in a square composition. They are perfect for growing tomatoes, grapevines, clematis, ivy, climbing roses, and morning glories.

Vertical Gardening: Pergolas & Arbors

Now pergola might be another support system for climbing plants, as it provides it from the “ceiling”, so to speak. The main feature of a pergola is that it is square, and big enough to provide shade. There are also other options available for vertical gardening for climbing plants, such structures are known as arbors, but they are generally not that big and serve as doors or symbolic entryways.

Vertical Gardening

Pergola Vertical Garden by Laurie March

Vertical Gardening: Raised Beds

While not technically a vertical garden type, the raised bed do provide special conditions for gardening. The raised beds differ from containers in that they still have the same soil, but the soil can be quite different in nutrients and other qualities. A structure for the support, such as a teepee can also be incorporated into a raised bed. The benefits of such gardening involve the sustainable conditions of the soil, slug and snail control (especially if you would secure the walls with copper) and they can also prevent hard-soil compaction.


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