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Silver Plants For Beautiful Gardens

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Do you want to have a unique garden and just love silver color? Why not try to go with just silver? It will make your garden look exotic and amazing, as there are many different plants that are silver in their foliage or blooms. Not sure where to start from? Well, best idea is to start from here.

Best Silver Plant Gardening Ideas

Silver Plants

Artemisia ludoviciana By Dorling Kindersley

Valerie Finnis

This one is a perennial plant with outstanding silver foliage that is good for sunny locations. The plants can produce clusters of creamy flowers in July.

This plant is perfect for container gardening along with other perennials. It is hardy to zones 5 to 10, and can tolerate dry climates.

Lamb Ear

Silver Plants

Stachys Byzantina By Costa Farm

This variety of a perennial doesn’t produce the flowers, but has dense silver foliage. This plant can be evergreen in mild climates. Most often this perennial is used as a groundcover.

Hardy to zones 4 to 8, it needs regular watering and full to partial sun exposure. This plant spreads really fast, so be careful when planting it or it can become invasive.

Salvia Argentea

Silver Plants

Salvia Argentia By Missouri Botanical Garden

Its other name is silver sage, and it is also a perennial with fuzzy silver green leaves. The leaves are arranged in huge rosettes presenting an interest as a groundcover. In summer the plant produces creamy white flowers, however, if you want to enjoy the silver carpet, it is best to remove the flowers.


Silver Plants

Leontopodium Alpine By Anne Elliot

This is an alpine flower with a silver bloom. It grows in cold conditions, preferring high altitudes. This hardy perennial blooms in late spring through summer, and it is perfect in rather harsh conditions of the mountain climate.

If you want to plant edelweiss in your garden, the perennial prefers being planted near the rocks or borders, because that is very close to their natural habitat.


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