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Pruning Essentials

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Pruning is an important process for decorative plants as well as for edible plants alike. It is needed either to make a right form for the bush, but more generally to promote the healthy growth of a plant. If you are uncertain why – here you will all the essential information regarding pruning!


Pruning Basic Tips

There are different types of pruning, but basically all of them fit into one frame. Pruning can be used in decorative goals, as when you are pruning a hedge or making topiary, or it can be the necessary annual procedure for edible plants. Generally, pruning helps to repair a plant, so now you get the idea why is this so important.

If you have edible plants, such as fruit trees, or let’s say a vegetable garden – they also need their type of pruning. The fruit trees need to pruned once a year, and preferably at the same time. This time largely depends on the time of the plant or tree you have, because apples and peaches vary in their cycles. So, when pruning the fruit tree – know about their cycles.


Same applies to vegetable gardening if it is in a container. The pruning controls the size of the vegetable garden, not allowing it to spread beyond its limit and thus be ruined. As in the above example, you will need to have certain tools to perform the process.

Most popular version of pruning is attributed to hedge pruning. This type belongs to decorative pruning, and is usually needed to keep up the particular hedge form. First of all, young plants respond well to trimming, so start that as soon as they are planted. Cut off the branches that stand out. It is also important to cut off few inches off the top, it also promotes the growth. So, no you know how pruning is important to keep up the plant cycle.

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