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Outdoors Renovation: Patio, Deck, Porches

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Summer is upon us, it is time for outdoor renovations, for our patio, deck, porches to get a new shiny look. This post will help in keeping up with the cleaning and updating your outdoor spaces.


Outdoor Remodeling tips

First of all, let’s make a distinction between those three concepts: Patio, Deck and Porch. A patio is an open adjoined to the house area that is usually furnished and paved and serves as a recreational space. A Deck is a wooden floor that is a continuation of the house, just outdoors, which can be secured by the fence. A porch is an area that is located usually before the house, and allows a visitor a little pause before entering or exiting the house. It is also a common practice to shade the porch with latticework, or some other light frames. So keeping than in mind, let’s consider how to renovate your outdoor space.

Generally, a deck is larger than the other two outdoor spaces, and it can include the swimming pool or extended outdoor area. Patio and deck serve the same purpose, recreation, unlike porch that is designed before the entrance and serves as a waiting spot or also a rest place for visitors and owners alike. Despite their slight differences, the principles of updating these three outdoor spaces are similar, because they are mostly out of the same material: wood.


So, to renovate your outdoors you will need to:

Clean the place from any furniture pieces and sweep the floor from any dirt, leaves, toys, books – anything that would restrain you from cleaning. Now once you have completed this first elementary part, you will need to go the second step.

Check for broken pieces, cracks and repair them. The wooden parts of your outdoor space can get rotten, spoilt, cracked up with time, so you would need to get rid of that problem before starting anything else. If some of the boards are so bad, as you need to remove them – do it. If some of the nails slipped away, get that fixed. The boards should be all steady and fixed.

Next step is the actual resurfacing. The usual practice is to use a chemical detergent, some use chemical stain stripper with a polyester brush, roller, or a pump sprayer and scrubbing with hard bristle brush. Some use just sandpaper to remove the nasty stubborn stains, but that can be used after pressure washing, because pressure washing can help with most of the problems.

If after all these procedures, the color of the outdoor space is uneven, you can use the chemical wood brightener, which would refresh the wood color. If you are still not satisfied with the result, perhaps you should just paint the outdoor space. Keep in mind, that are certain products that come with water repellents and UV protection, which would make your wooden outdoor space last longer.

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