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Outdoors Color Drama

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Thinking of how to spruce up your outdoors to add some drama? Well, color is a universal tool of making the outdoors and the indoors dramatic. Let’s find out all you need to know about various dramatic colors and how to integrate them into the outdoor area.

Outdoor Colors For More Drama

Outdoor Colors

Fragile Beauty Of Outdoors

Blooms & Colors

Plants are the most common tools of incorporating colors into the outdoors. There are so many plants with various hues that offer diversity to the outdoors. By choosing plants with particular blooms, you can incorporate your favorite colors into the yard. For instance, roses come in many different colors, and there are also hybrid types with unconventional hues. Not only roses bring color into outdoors, they also fill your garden with pleasant scents.

Seasonal Hues

Another way of adding color to your outdoors is to plant seasonal greenery. This way the hues will change with the coming of different seasons. The essential idea here is to pay attention to the blooming periods of each plant. Try to add seasonal touches with pink or purple blooms in spring, red and orange flowers in summer, and ,of course, golden and red foliage in fall.

Outdoor Colors

Colorful Focal Point From Houseplants

Timing Colors

It is important to pay attention to the time when you are visiting your outdoors, because if you do so in the nighttime most of the blooms are not visible. If you are most likely to spend the time outdoors during nightfall, plant night-blooms, and also shrubs with silver foliage. The silvery foliage shines in the setting sun giving your yard fragrant illumination. Likewise, if you prefer to spend the mornings in your yard, plant the morning bloomers.

Colorful Focal Point

Use the brightest colors, such as red, pink or yellow to create eye-catching dramatic focal points from various plants. Focal points add a sense of order into your yard, while hiding some objects that you don’t want to be seen by diverting the unwanted attention to something beautiful.


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