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Natural Swimming Pool Tutorial

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Although natural swimming pools although quite popular in Europe, they are not really popular in USA. The main difference between the natural pool and a regular one is its maintenance. The natural pool is not cleaned by chlorine; instead it gets cleaned through the eco-system of plants. Here, we present easy tutorial on making a natural swimming pool!

Natural Pool Tutorial

DIY Natural Pool

Natural ponds are gaining their popularity by offering eco-friendly swimming options, because no chlorine is being used. Generally a natural pool is made from two parts:

  • The swimming zone – the actual container where one can swim;
  • The regeneration zone is a shallow area, where the plants grow, which are sustained by gravel, sand or lavastone. This area is intended for purifying the water.

First you need to find a space for your swimming pool, which can be practically anywhere. Then dig up the hole for actual container, now the bottom of the container should be laid out in gravel or clay. However, the actual swimming zone for you comfort can done in concrete, but the regeneration zone should be in gravel. Gravel increases the cleaning property of the ecosystem.

Swimming Pool Tutorial

Make sure to allow 1-foot vertical drop for every 3 horizontal feet when constructing a swimming pool. This way you can be sure that you avoid any soil from coming into the swimming pool. The shallow zone is intended for filtration, as you remember, but it also warms up the water quickly.

Stagnation of water might be a threat, but it can be eliminated with a use of oxygen. Make sure that the natural pool has an adequate water supply and that water circulates along the plant’s roots. The plants of choice can be any aquatic plants, such as water lilies, duckweed and cattails. So, now you see that it is not really hard to make your own natural swimming pool!


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