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Natural Insecticides For Gardens

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If you are an avid gardener you should know better that tasty fruit and vegetables attract lots of unwanted attention from the insects. However, dealing with insects often means using chemicals that are harmful to the plants themselves. But don’t fret; there are also natural remedies that can help you with the annoying insects: we are presenting to you the natural insecticide remedies for your garden.

Natural Insecticide Remedies

Lady Bug

Lady Bug: Natural Aphid Predator

Plant Repellent Method

There are various methods of driving the insects away from your garden, and one of them involves using other plants as insect repellents. Of course each case is individual, so you need to make sure what kind of insects are invading your garden. This is easy, as each pest is eating a specific kind of plant.

For instance, basil can ward off flies and mosquitoes, while catnip can act on ants, aphids and cockroaches. Garlic can control aphids, Japanese beetles and spider mites. Plant the companion greenery, such as garlic for strawberries to repel the insects. There is also a general method of dealing with soft-bodied insects, a natural insecticide that is called Pyrethrum made from species of chrysanthemum native to Kenya and Ecuador.

Insect & Bacteria Repellent Method

Well it is not a secret that some bugs and insects are eating other insects. This might help in saving your garden. For example ladybugs and lacewings eat aphids; assassin bugs eat caterpillars and flies; tiger beetles generally feed on other insects.

There is also a biological method of controlling the insect problem that involves using micro-organisms, such as Bacillus Thuringiensis, which makes the insects sick. Also frogs are good for decreasing the insect population, but they need special conditions such as a pond, for living.

Homemade Method

Dish soap can be mixed with water and sprayed on the garden leaves: it will act on the soft-bodied insects such as mites and kill them eventually. Red hot sauce with dish soap and water can also be used as insecticide that is relevantly safe for the plants.

Compost and mulch are also good in helping to drive the insects away. Add mixture of crushed garlic, onion, hot pepper and ground cloves into compost as it will help in fighting the insects.

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