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Mobile Cloud: Outdoor Urban Retreat

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Are you tired of urban landscapes and can’t seem to relax in the dusty enclosed environment of a city? Well, Zebra3/Buy-Sellf design company has created a unique outdoor urban retreat that they have entitled: ‘Refuge le Nuage’ what literally translates as Refuge Cloud. The Refuge cloud Cabin is basically an outdoor retreat that can be mounted practically anywhere and it poses as a place where you can enjoy the nature in the small confines of unusually-shaped cabin.

‘Refuge le Nuage’ Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Cloud Retreat

‘Refuge le nuage’, Canal Saint Martin, Paris

Refuge le Nuage is originally designed by Zebra3/Buy-Sellf for Bruit du Frigo that were commissioned to create the suburban shelters for 2010 panoramas for Le Parc des Coteaux en Biennale. However, the concept is very unique and appealing, so now it is being displayed in various locations all over Paris.

The cloud-shaped outdoor cabin is rather big, and the shape of the retreat is inspired by the layout of beds, as each bed is built into a semicircular extrusion that repeats the shape of the cloud. Overall there are seven sleeping spaces located on the two levels of the cloud. The cloud refuge is made entirely from wood.

Naturally, the Cloud Retreat can be used as a camping station in the few urban areas that are intended for outdoor activities. It has been displayed for a long time at the part Hermitage, however, in recent years it has visited other various locations, including the rooftop of the hotel, located on the banks of Canal Saint Martin.

The structure is entirely eco-friendly, with no electricity or other contemporary luxuries installed. The natural sunlight pours into the retreat by means of diagonal windows. This mobile cloud camping retreat can be rented for a night, so it’s not like the structure is purely symbolic and stands as an art installation. After 2 years of public use the mobile retreat was refurbished and relocated to Lormont for the Summer and Fall season of 2012. Now, already famous cloud retreat is about to visit Paris again starting from May 29. So, how do you like an idea?

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