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Making Of Bog Garden

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If you have an outdoor water feature, such as a garden pond, there is probably a little area adjacent to the pond that is quite soggy. Not to waste any land, you can create a beautiful bog garden in that spot highlighting the natural beauty of the area. Here you will find a tutorial on making a perfect bog garden.

DIY Bog Garden

Bog Garden

Bog Garden by Dorling Kindersley

The project seems to be quite easy, however, it requires some effort. In order to make a bog garden you need to check the area where the soil is soggy. Then, make sure you have the following:

  • garden hose & perforated hose
  • pond liner
  • bricks & gravel
  • topsoil & well-composted organic matter
  • garden fork & shovel
  • bog plants

Now, using the garden hose make the outline of the future bog garden area. Excavate about 24 inches of the soil and then lay the pond liner inside. In order to keep the liner in place use bricks and lay them on the edge of the lined area. Perforate the liner with garden forks at 3-foot intervals. This is needed to provide the drainage that is still essential for the plants’ maintenance.

Bog Garden

Laying Of Pond Liner

The next step is to cover the base of the future bog garden with gravel that is needed for better drainage. Now it is finally the time to fill the area with soil together with the needed nutrients and compost. When you are done with this procedure, make sure to cut off the excessive liner around the edges.

To keep the pond wet, place a perforated hose near the bog garden, but make sure it is almost completely in the soil. The last step includes planting the greenery. There is wide variety of plants that enjoy wet soil, but make sure to learn about each type of the plant for better maintenance.


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