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Landscaping Basics

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Are you stuggling with a garden that looks like a mess? Then perhaps will help you in creating the best landscape ever, because this post is all about introducing to you the landscaping basics.

Garden Landscaping

First of all what is landscapings? It is an art of creating a pleasing and functional garden layout, which would reward your labor thousandfold. So this post will help you with the basics of the landscaping art. As with any design, we will start with concepts and ideas. How big is your outdoor place, how do you see it: open or more private? Do you want flowers in it, or mostly trees? Do you want to make a stroll garden, or just a hangout place? At at last, what is your purpose in creating this landscape.

So once you have figured out the purpose of landscaping in your particular case, consider this: each landscape has its texture, form, lines, color and proportion. Each garden needs the base line upon which you can plan landscaping, but it is always a nice idea to have tidy lawn to start off. That would be you first texture, in addition with any extra greenery or garden decor you would include. Determining the form of your garden is not necessary, since you already have borders outlined by your property. However, choosing forms of objects in your garden would give an impression of a nice shaped garden.

The lines are great sometimes, when you want to create multiple areas within one. One of the greatest ideas in creating lines is the grass tiles, for it adds creativity and beauty to your outdoors. Flowers can also become the dividing line.The most important of all of the other is the color. Apart from green, there are so many other hues, such as gray stone color, or black from rattan furniture, or perhaps timber color. Of course also there are so many option of flowers! If you want a vibrant and flamboyant garden, consider planting many different types of flowers, however it is best to follow a certain color scheme. At last the proportion of your garden should not exceed the proportion of your house, and each element should be placed accordingly.

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