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Koi Pond Basics

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Thinking of how to make your outdoors special? Well, how about introducing a pond, with live fish in it? This is exactly what Koi Pond is about, this and much more! Find out basics about Koi Pond and get inspired!

koi pond

Introducing Koi Ponds into Garden

Koi Ponds have become extremely popular lately, as not only they add an interesting detail to your outdoors, but also make you enjoy the nature more. By observing the fish and contemplating on nature of things you could reach the balance between beauty and perfection. However, generally a Koi Pond is a water container, which is a house for Koi, fish with bright coloration originating from Japan. The Koi in the pond make it appear more vibrant, changing the look of the whole outdoor area.

koi pond

However, not only you should be enjoying the pond environment, it is the koi fish you should worry about. First of all, the water is getting constantly refreshed with a help of special equipment. The Koi pond should be deep enough to house fish and usually it is designed for up to 500 gallons of water with at least 24 inches deep container. To keep the water clean, the pond also requires a filtration system.

koi pond

Another feature of the Koi pond is the accessories. These could be landscaping rocks, which are arranged in a way to present nice scenery; or it could be water plants. Among other decorating ideas is the naturally growing greenery, which also adds that special beauty to the Koi pond area. There are several types of the Koi ponds, a stone variation being the most popular one. It is necessary to point out that there are certain Koi pond kits for beginners.

koi pond

In general, Koi Pond is a nice way to decorate your garden with, in addition to giving you the perfect place for meditations. However there are certain issues with maintenance, and if you are not ready to take care of the fish, it is better not to engage in this sort of activity.

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