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Incredible Outdoors In & Out Of Seacombe Grove

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Sometimes people just love outdoors so much that they tend to surround their houses entirely with lush greenery. Not only that, they can even bring a piece of outdoors inside their houses, dedicating some part of the house’s interior to the indoor garden. Meet the exceptionally green Seacombe Grove house that extends the outdoor area way beyond.

Outdoors Of Seacombe Grove Residence

Seacombe Grove Outdoors

Seacombe Grove Incredible Outdoors

B.E. Architects has completed a unique architectural project in Melbourne, Australia. The Seacombe Grove residence has absolutely no frontyard or backyard, because the whole outdoor area is a continuous lush garden that is physically and visually accessible from the first level of the house through large glass panels that surround the level. Despite the glass panel, the first floor has a privacy factor that is provided by large fence surrounding the property.

The first level is divided into various living areas: day/ summer area for entertainment in the outdoors integrated with a garden, swimming pool and eating areas, and the night/ winter zone facing south and east. The separation of two areas is made possible with a staircase and some transitional spaces.

Seacombe Grove Outdoors

Seacombe Grove Interior

The exterior of the house is completely clad in gray stone with black dense fence around the property. However, once you get inside you are amazed by the lush gardens surrounding the whole area. It is amazing how the garden envelops the house, and even appears in some areas inside the house. There are indoor gardening areas that remind the dwellers of the proximity of the lush greenery that awaits outside.

The interior is really aerial, mostly white and black and the transparency of the glass panels makes the space appear as whole. The upper levels are deprived from the beauty of the garden, and the dwellers are forced to watch the stone walls that protect their privacy from the road nearby. In general, the construction is a really huge stone house with amazing garden enveloping its structure.


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