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Impressive Outdoors Of Wall House

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A family house is something to be cherished and what can host thousands of different memories from childhood. It is a place that an individual likes to visit, however, in some cases when this individual still lives with his or her parents – the sole desire is to move out and be somewhere else. The Wall house designed by Singapore-based architectural company Farm has a unique architectural story to tell and an amazing outdoor area to get inspired by.

Wall House Outdoor Inspiration

Wall House

Lush Outdoor Area Of Wall House

Well of course it is not a terrible story, but rather a story of a compromise when an adult is living with his parents in harmony. The secret to that is the wall that divides the house and creates two distinct blocks. Both of the parts blend in perfectly into the surrounding landscape, they are matching in terms of internal and external design – yet they provide comfort for two different worlds.

Both blocks are located on massive property of the family and the separation of the house was an initial request from them. Of course the wall doesn’t mean that there are no common areas. There is a single-storey block dedicated entirely for social recreational activities of the family. Another thing that visually and spatially connects the two blocks is an expansive outdoor area, which as we can see is quite impressive on its own.

The huge central yard is shaped carefully by the granite walls with few minimalistic plants, particularly willows. The willows roots are located on the first floor but are allowed to be growing into the second floor as well. This is only the area near the front entry, but the rest of the property is entirely surrounded by green. Another feature of this outdoor area is the massive pond right in front of the house.

In general, the landscape of the area is streamlined, appearing sort of enveloped by the grandiose lush lawn and surrounding trees. The inspiration for this landscape design is coming from the Chinese garden philosophy with distinct shapes and islands of different vision that are overlapping at some point. Aren’t you impressed with the amazing outdoor area of the Wall House?


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