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How To Choose Flowers For Balconies In Small Apartments

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Many apartment owners dream about having a beautiful balcony full of colorful blooming flowers. Balconies where you can see beautiful flowers and plants always arouse interest and sometimes even jealousy. But why just be jealous when you can grow the same flowers on your balcony?

How To Choose Flowers For Small Apartment Balconies

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Balcony designing is interesting not only for home designers, but also for gardeners. What can be better than coming back home after work and enjoying a cup of tea on your balcony drowning in blooming and smelling flowers?

In order to choose the flowers that can be planted on the balcony it is important to determine the direction of light. For balconies that get a lot of sunlight and face south choose different plants than for those balconies that are in shadow.

Without any fear try planting any kind of garden flowers, they are less whimsical and the sun wouldn’t dry them out on a hot day. However, some potted plants are suitable for balconies too, one of my favorites – Geranium (pelargonium).

Begonias are also suitable for balconies. Its leaves usually have bright beautiful color, that’s why begonias that are not blooming still look decorative and colorful.

For the balconies facing south side, choose something like nasturtium, verbena, or cloves. If you want to plant vines then you should get curly beans or sweet peas. Stretch some thread or wire around vines so the plants could curl around them.

On the balconies facing north and west side you can plant scented tobacco, tradescantia, ivy, cleave, myrtle, fuchsia, aralia, or tuberous begonia.

Balconies facing east get the sunlight only in the morning. Choose balsams, sweet tobacco, marigold, or begonia tuber for those balconies.

Your flowers can be planted in both pots and horizontal boxes. For abundant flowering, plants should be fed complex mineral fertilizers. And do not forget to immediately remove faded blossoms – then the bloom will last longer and be more plentiful.

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