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Greenery Interior Ideas:

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Garden is an important part of lives, whether it stays outside our living space, or is coming closer. This post will introduce to the different tips and ideas on decoratint with greenery into your interior décor.

greenery inside

Let the Garden In

Green adds color to our lives and interior spaces, but why not use with benefit? Introducing the new inside gardening ideas with a little tilt toward its functionality, like growing your own herbs! There are millions of ways to include garden in your life, but when we talk this green, we are actually talking about indoor gardening ideas. Here is some tips on making your interior a bit more nature friendly.

One of the ideas of letting the garden inside is to use planters, and there are great varieties of planters available, from collections to single ones. There are these amazing porcelain planter designs from Japanese Porcelain Company 224porcelain. They present a variety of small planters that can be used on its original purpose and as a décor items. For a single porcelain item there is a Fluidity dish rack by Design Libero, which is a functional planter plus a dish rack. This saves space and nourishes the plant.

However, the guest of our post is the kitchen spice garden. If you spend more time at your kitchen than any other of your rooms, then perhaps you are a great cook and might (if haven’t already) consider growing your own herbs. This would ensure the purity of the spices that your use. Small herb garden can become a focal point in your kitchen and also be a helpful companion in your cooking. Using unique planter, such as transparent cubes or spheres is an option for starters.

greenery inside

For the more advanced gardeners there are such options as creating an urban vertical garden of herbs! It creates an amazing view with all the possibilities of cooking a good meal. Another amazing idea is to create a hanging basket planter for your herbs. Using just plastic water bottles is also an option for planters, just make sure to arrange them properly. About anything can be used as planters, old cups, teapots, cans, anything at all.


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