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Gorgeous Glass Veranda

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The October is about to be officially over, yet we crave for some nature to be in our lives! This gorgeous veranda presents a wonderful way to celebrate the passing season and enjoy the sun.

Amazing Outdoor room

If you enjoy outdoors, yet don’t like the temporary weather conditions, such as October rains, a glass veranda might be an option for you! This is is build as an adjustment to the house, and its totally transparent walls open a great view on the garden. Yet, the interior has much to offer!

Since most of the attention is directed toward the outdoors, there is not many details inside this gorgeous room, however there are some worth mentioning. The overall style can be described as rather French inspired, because of the delicate interior solution the room presents. Yet, there are no definite borders in this room. The wicker chair is a standard outdoor furniture, yet it has so much comfort present. The cute side table is just perfect for your evening cup of hot chocolate and if you want to do some work outdoors, there is a bigger wooden table as well. The most of the details that make the atmosphere of this veranda are the candles and candelabra: they add charm and beauty to the place. Would you like to enjoy nature in this veranda?

Amazing Glass Veranda

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