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Moles & Gophers Garden Problem

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Although gardens are great, they can invite unpleasant small guests, specifically garden moles and gophers. Moles and gophers create a lot of nuisance with their quick appearance, but there are several methods of getting rid of them, and we are going to focus on humane ways of driving these pests away.

Driving Away Garden Moles

Emerging Garden Mole by Critter Company

First of all, moles as well as gophers, make distinguishable underground patterns that are visible on the soil. While moles eat earthworms and grubs, the gophers actually disrupt the underground systems by eating the roots of the bedded plants, which means that they are ruining your garden. The activity of moles and gophers also causes the disruption of the irrigation system.

Most of the methods are quite humane, like driving moles away with a help of their natural enemies. Spread used cat litter around the lawn on the places where you have seen the patterns made by gophers or moles. The strong odor of a cat that has stuck on cat litter will drive the moles away, as the cats are their natural enemies. Another option is to make little traps for moles, but be gentle with these little creatures. Dig up the tunnel with a shovel and place there a large coffee can. The idea is that when the mole will be running through the tunnel it will get stuck in the can. After you get it trapped release it somewhere in the wilderness without bringing any harm to moles.

Castor oil is a popular  method of driving away the pests, as it doesn’t involve killing them. You will need to make a mixture from dish soap and castor oil. Take 2 table spoons of dish soap and mix it with 1 table spoon of castor oil in a large bowl. Start mixing to make foam, then add 6 table spoons of water and continue mixing. When the bowl seems to be filled with shaving cream-like substance – it is ready, and you will need to spray the mixture over your property. Castor oil will most definitely help.

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