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Easy to Grow Herbs

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Following the theme on growing your own container herb garden, you need some more information about the actual herbs that can be grown. Here are the most easy to care and grow herbs, that will definatelly make the scene in your container garden!

Easy Maintenance Herbs

Once you have firmly decided on growing your own herb garden, and already know some basics about herb gardening, there are some other basic information regarding these types of herbs, that are most suitable for beginners. We will start out with these amazing easy maintenance herbs, that can easily get you started, starting with most popular herb – basil! Basil is among those that are easy to care for, an there are really a lot of types to choose from. Basil can be green, or it can be dark purple, and even with flowers, these are especially pretty for a garden! Now mater what kind, basil really loves the sun, so if you will give basil enough of the sun it will reward it with lush foliage!
Dill is also a really rewarding plant, since almost everything can be eaten, however these should be harvested in a certain sequence: leaves as needed, flowers as they open, seeds as they ripen. The dill also loves the full sun. Another popular choice of a herb is lavender. Not only it will introduce color to your garden, it will also be wonderful to smell. Lavender has also many variations, that are natural to one zone or another, and they also can be in different colors: purple, pink, or white blooms.
Lemon balm is a unique herb with a scent of both lemon and mint! To prevent self-seeding, remove the flowers and it won’t become weedy. It grows in full sun to part shade, and is a prety container plant. And since we have touched this subject, how can we forget about mint! Mint can be Spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate and these are just a few of the many mint varieties available. Mints prefer partial shade, but can tolerate the full sun. All types can spread rapidly. We hope this basic information was helpful in your quest of growing your own herb garden.

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