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Creative Garden Shed Designs

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The time when the garden sheds have been used as a local junk storage are over. This post will introduce to the creative and unique ways of exploiting the garden shed in many other different ways.


Amazing Garden Shed designs

Now, the garden sheds are made not exclusively for garden appliances, but modernized for other areas, guest rooms, play rooms, even study rooms! However, not all of the garden shed designs are like that. A classical garden shed design is the one that will remind you of a wood house, just in miniature. Mostly in straight lines and wood, the classic garden shed is generally used as a storage place for gardening items, and some miscellaneous stuff that is a common view in the garden. However, here are some different garden shed ideas that spark creativity in outdoors planning.


The Polyhedron habitable by Manuel Villa will start out list of most creative outdoor hubs. This garden shed is not exactly a shed, but a relaxation place for a young family with a newborn child. This outdoor hub is a special recreation space, designed for just about anything from reading to playing. Wooden Polyhedron habitable presents itself a private or social place for young kids or even adults, and as a shelter. It is a new realization of the garden shed idea, wonderfully completed using all natural material.


Another amazing garden shed inspiration is the Archipod, a luxurious outdoors hub. It features a very comfortable working zone, that got very trendy in UK recently. Naturalistic in its design, it looks very futuristic and stylish garden shed, which lost its original meaning for storing of garden items. It supports all of the contemporary appliances, providing a very comfort zone for working. This Archipod is a desired garden hub designed to be an alternative to the big corporation work spaces.

As you have seen, the garden shed designs spread across its concept, pushing it beyond the traditional idea. This post presented new inspirational designs for the other outdoor shed purposes, from the family recreation wooden Polyhedron Habitable by Manuel Villa to Archipod by Archipod LTD. Get inspired and follow your dreams!

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