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Cleaning Propane Grill

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Thinking about how to spend a weekend productively? Maybe you have a whole list of things to do around the house, and the weekend seems as the most appropriate time to do them all. An easy and evident thing that should be done for the upcoming summer party season is the cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor kitchen appliances, such as a propane grill. Here you will find the instructions on how to clean the propane grill, read carefully.

Scrubbing Propane Grill

Cleaning Of Grill

Shiny Clean Outdoor Grill

If you have an outdoor kitchen or even a small area dedicated to eating or cooking in the outdoors, it is most likely to include a propane grill. As you know, the more you use it the dirtier it becomes from all the grease and spills. Thorough and timely cleaning will help in maintenance of the grill and will make the food tastier.

One of the first steps in cleaning of the grill will be the turning off the propane valves. Then you will need to disconnect the propane tank from the grill by disconnecting the burner and removing the tubes from the gas line. Next step is to remove any grids and briquettes by following the user’s manual instructions. Set those aside to the propane tank. In order to protect the exposed gas fixtures located beneath a grill from corrosion, cover them with aluminum foil.

Now it is time for an actual cleaning. Make a mixture of one gallon warm water and one-quarter cup of dish soap. Start cleaning the grill with a metal scrub brush and go all the way through with it. When you are done scrubbing away the grease, it is essential to wipe away everything with a soft towel and let it dry. Once the grill is dry you can reconnect the propane tank following the manual instructions. Make sure that the connections are tight so no gas would leak out. Don’t forget to clean the briquettes and grids before attaching them to the grill.

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