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Christmas Front Door Decorations

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Front door is one of the first things the visitors see when they are about to enter your house. Why not greet and celebrate the Christmas holidays with decorating this important feature of your house?

Christmas Front Door Decor Ideas

When your front door is decorated for the holiday, it shares the festive moods not only with the dwellers of the house, but also with the passersby! Here are some easy ideas of decorating your outdoor, specifically the front door.
1. Christmas Lights
One of the most popular ideas is using lighting for decorations. Using lighting for front door is also a good idea, as it can practically take up any for and be visible mostly in the night time. The simplest way is to adorn the door with lights by the frame line, mmore elaborate choices can be of different shapes: zigzags, christmas trees and others.

2. Wreath
The universal decoration for the front door is a wreath, however this can be made specifical for Christmas. The popular ideas of making wreath can include evergreen branches, and decorations in according colors, such as white and red. The decorations can include christmas tree balls, ribbons, candy cones, even skates and much more.
3. Gift-wrap
This is made to create a large Christmas present effect. Attach the gift wrap paper throuhout the perimeter of the door and attach a huge ribbon somewhere on the side. Another way to adorn your front door with paper is to make a ginger house door from brown gift wrap. Explore these ideas and be creative!

Christmas Front Door


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