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Brooklyn Apartment With Private Garden

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Douglas Riccardi loves his apartment very much. Not because he is an interior designer and everything in his apartment is decorated perfectly in his style, but because he has a secret outdoor retreat right by his flat. Riccardi has a secret garden where he likes to spend his time to relax and forget about the dreads of living in the big city.

Brooklyn Urban Dwelling With Private Garden

NY Flat With Garden

Wolfgang Weingart Poster As Artwork

Inside of this cozy apartment there are really few decorating pieces, as Riccardi confessed that he didn’t want overwhelming and cluttering knick-knacks to take over his apartment. Instead, the apartment is filled with memories that are represented by various decorating pieces. For example above the fireplace we see Wolfgang Weingart poster that his friend Lloyd Miller brought to him in 1983 after his trip to Basel.

Right across the fireplace there is sofa that has been borrowed from his sister-in-law Erica Millar and that he never intends to give back. The sofa has been made by the once-famous Beverly Hills decorator William “Billy” Haines and belonged to Erica’s aunt. Right next to the sofa we see rope chairs that date back to 60’s when they were bought by his parents.

NY Flat With Garden

Living Room With Memorable Furnishings

Riccardi seems to deal with troubles like spacing in a very pragmatic way. He needed extra space for placing of the washing machine and a dryer: he found that space under the staircase. He hanged a dividing curtain to hide away the machines, but since the cats’ litter box is also located beneath the stairs, he had made a little doorway for them. He has two adorable cats, by the way, Frankie and Bruno.

But that décor is not as exciting as having the private garden right next to his apartment, accessible from the living room. There is a little deck where Riccardo keeps his fig tree:

I sort of felt that an Italian American living in Brooklyn really needed a fig tree. My grandmother had one (albeit in New Jersey) — but nothing beats fresh hand-picked figs for breakfast.

Then from that deck there is a little staircase leading towards his ‘green oasis’ with ferns, perennials and a cute small conifer. This garden helps Riccardi to feel miles away from the city, while still being in its limits. So, do you like this cozy Brooklyn apartment with a private garden retreat?

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