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35 Top Most Beautiful Swimming Pools

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With the summer passing, we all need a particle of that sunshine to be with us for the cold winter nights. What better preserves this sunny summer days like swimming pools? This post will present to you top most beautiful swimming pool designs.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools can come in varios shapes, sizes and even concepts, but this post will focus only on the most incredible and beautiful swimming pool designs. The swimming pools can be as indoors, as outdoors and the location of course dictates the forms, shapes and general look. Traditionally, swimming pools have been the main tourist attraction for the hotel managers, as people are attracted to anything extraordinary in their choices. However, when a swimming pool became a must have, the designers are doing their best to create the most beautiful and original swimming pool.
The most recent invention of the lot is the infinity pools, that create an illusion of never ending ocean (or sea) merge with the pool.And we start the intriguing journey with most excellent examples of the type. The Four Seasons Hotel infinity Pool in Costa Rica is certainly in this list of most amazing pools. The waters of the pool mimic the waters of the actual water resource. It is very intriguing, however not less inspiring is the Sheraton Waikiki pool, as it appears bigger, but perfectly blends into the scenery with an incredible Diamond Head in the distance.
However another example of infinity pools shows how the theme can be evolving and used in absolutely surprising settings. The swimming pool in Jade Mountain, St. Lucia presents a magnificent view with an utmost luxurious experience. There are several pools, which are individually designed for each suite, so the client can get the most amazing views from his rooms. Isn’t a fresh perspective on the infinity pool designs?

However, not only infinity pools can shake your imagination.Take a look at the incredible Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort in Grindavík, Iceland with its incredible outdoors hot water resource. It looks like a fantasy come true, with all its snow white beauty and blue waters. The Blue Lagoon is well known for its restorative qualities, and is very famous tourist attraction in Iceland.

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