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Backyard Pond Ideas

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If you are in love with water, you might consider making your own water feature in the garden, and one of these features can become your personal pond in the backyard! Stick around for some amazing and easy ideas on building your own backyard pond!

Pond Creation Tips

How about making a nice attraction in your garden and starting your own pond? Besides being a water feature in your outdoor area, ponds also can be a major attraction for the live in the garden – imagine frogs, fish and yes, well – mosquitoes, but there are more pluses in that idea. Today we will focus on construction a smaller scale pond project, which you can make with your own hands.
To start off, you will need to decide on the location of the pond, and please be sure that it in some distance from the vegetable or fruit garden. So, once you have decided on the location of the pond, it would be nice to indicate its form by making an outline, even with a sand! The pond should have a deepest point up to 24 inches, and some lesser depth points, but no less than 12 inches. Now dig up for the pump placing and this pump should be placed deep underwater.
Now, using the initial outlines for the pond, however make sure that these outlines are not from sand and can be viewed without being flown away – so you would use the pond lines to fill in the pond with water to the edge later on. The last step would be in placing the pump and filling the pond with water. The pump should be at least 2 inches underwater. To make some statement, place some plants around the pond, or perhaps you would choose to plant some underwater plants as well. However be aware that the small pond can easily become polluted with underwater weeds! Among other simple landscaping ideas are rocks, simple fountain solutions and such. If you are thinking of building a pond for the fish inhabitants, you should make them comfortable: the fish should have the hideouts, and always some fresh water, and something to eat, preferably something that they can find themselves. So, making just a puddle with no interesting features would not make the fish comfortable, so think ahead!

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