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Amazing Tree Houses

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When you were a kid, you ran around the yard, played with the ball, chased your friends, and you were everywhere. But sometimes when you wanted to be alone, just playing with your toys somewhere above others, in the tree, or wanted to be with your close friends, and you really did wish you had an amazing tree house. The tree house that was not the same like everybody else had. I always liked to read a book “Magic Tree House” by Mary Pope Osborne when I was a little girl, and I really wanted to have a tree house in the tree in our yard. The tree house can be a magical hideaway, fort, or a play destination for almost any child, as well as any project for any adult.

Amazing Tree Houses

There is still a great wish to accomplish a childhood’s dream. The tree houses can be really amazing and fairytale-like. They seem so easy and fast to build, but you definitelywill need great help from your friends and those who do know how to make one for you.

Every time when I see a unique, different, and incredibly-looking tree house, I like to share it, showing others where to get inspiration from in order to build their own.

Here are some photographs of amazingly-looking tree houses around the world to get inspired by.


Isn’t it interesting to visit your friend in your neighborhood just by crossing a bridge?

Night Tree House

I would definitely stay in this incredible tree house and enjoyed the night forest sounds and fresh air.

Tree House

Wow, are you sure this is a tree house?! Yes, it definitely, is!

Cherry Blossom

It is so great and enjoyable to watch a cherry blossom.


Square? Isn’t it unique?!


It seems like the termites’ home.


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