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77 Cozy Balcony Designs

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Balcony can have more functions than it might seem. It can be turned into many different areas adding another pleasant space to the home. A balcony is usually not very big but it can still be transformed into a stylish and cozy space.

Balcony Design Ideas

Seating Area

Create a seating area on the balcony using special outdoor or old indoor furniture. Put slip covers on it to protect from fading and change them any time you want a makeover. A couple of planters here and there will give it a garden-like feel.

Turn a bigger balcony into a family area by adding a daybed or a sofa creating a soft seating space for family gatherings with friends. Add string lights or floor lanterns for a decorative touch.

Eating Area

Add a tea table and a couple of chairs to the balcony to create an outdoor eating area. Throw some cushions onto the sturdy outdoor chairs or cover them with woolen throws and fuzzy blankets to make them soft and cozy.

Add a canopy or sun awning with airy curtains to the balcony if you want to increase privacy. Or you can also create a green screen from plants and flowers.


Create a mini garden on your balcony. Make sure to look into weight limitations when planning which plants and pots to use. Arrange different plants and flowers in groups to achieve a nice dynamic in this mini garden and if there’s still some space add a cozy armchair and a side table to make it into a perfect hideout.


A balcony hideout can be designed in various ways. You can add a garden to it or just a planter pot with a favorite flower. The key is to create a spot where you can relax and forget about everything while enjoy fresh air and natural light.


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