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45 Indoor Garden Design Ideas

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An indoor garden is a great addition to the house. It creates an indoor/outdoor feel while providing with views of beautiful greenery. An indoor garden can be created in different forms from small arrangement of planter pots to an actual indoor courtyard.

Terrarium-Like Garden

Terrarium-like indoor gardens are like glass rooms most times enhnaced with skylights to provide the plants and trees with sunlight as well as create an outdoor feel. These should be planned prior to the house construction. A terrarium garden can be small or spacious enough for residents to enjoy the atmosphere of a garden.

Indoor Courtyard

An enclosed courtyard or an indoor courtyard is an enclosed outdoor space surrounded by the house premises and usually accessed through the house. The indoor courtyard can be sown with grass to create a lawn as well as planted with trees. Enhanced with some outdoor furniture it can become a beautiful dining area or an outdoor lounge.

Green Room

Want to add an indoor garden to the finished house? A glass extension can be an option. It could also serve as a greenhouse for growing fruit and vegetable or exotic flowers and plants.

Vertical Garden

Vertical garden is a space-saver. It can be installed on the wall without taking up too much space and create the atmosphere of the garden inside the house.

Indoor Garden Designs

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