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20 Outdoor Dining Area Design Ideas

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Dining outdoors can be nice especially when the weather is fine and all family and friends gather together. To create a nice inviting outdoor area choose a spot that will be easy to access and surrounded with pleasant views of garden or pond, for example. Opt for comfortable furniture to create a welcoming outdoor dining area.

Green Arch

Set a dining area under an arch decorated with climbing plants to create a beautiful picturesque view and give the guests a sense of privacy. Vine can also make for a great natural sun awning and a decoration.

String Lights

There is something festive and magical about outdoor string lights so it might proof to be a great decoration for celebrating a special event outdoors. The look great hanging from the trees as well as the arches.

Picnic Idea

No outdoor dining furniture? Set up a picnic with a few rugs and throws and candle lanterns. Bring out some cushions to make it comfier for guests to seat on the lawn or the garden grass.

Mismatched Chairs

Too few dining chairs? Don’t worry but instead mix and match what you have. Old chairs, new chairs, indoor and outdoor chairs, plastic and wooden chairs, classic and modern chairs. It’s all about how it looks together in the end.

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  1. Mark Thackeray
    February 15, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Really like the green archway for a sense of privacy and naturalness. Trying to figure out if that would work well for the space we have or if I need to create a hybrid. Thanks for sharing!