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Vienna Design Week 2012 Highlights: Made by Forest

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Vienna Design Week 2012 has recently came to its end. Let’s take a look at one of the most inspiring art installations of the event: the Made by Forest collection.

Vyrobeno Lesem

Vyrobeno Lesem, what translates as Made by Forest, is inspired by the nature and forest in particular Czech design collection. The collection include such objects as delicate bottles, in blown glass shaped by pine cones; a wooden brush with pine needle bristles and wallpaper with graphic images of forest plant life an a lot of other inspiring objects. The Czech design collection is a much bigger project, which aims at implementing the forest atmosphere into elements of contemporary product and graphic design, promoting the awareness of its fragile, yet powerful presence.
As stated by the creators of Vyrobeno Lesem:

We spend time in the forest and appreciate its tranquillity. There are beneficial effects to being in the forest, and so it is natural to want to bring them into the spaces we inhabit. Both in obvious and subtle ways, we actively seek out objects which radiate the forest atmosphere into our homes.

Remember the forest and get inspired with the amazing “Vyrobeno Lesem”project, promoting the unification with Nature and don’t take for granted her precious gifts, as a “piece of forest is in each of us”.

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