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Venice Biennale 2012: Common Ground

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One of the most prestigious events in a sphere of architecture and design, the Venice Biennale 2012 has recently started. Let’s explore the intriguing projects that it has to offer for its visitors so far!

Venice Biennale 2012 Highlights

Venice Biennale is the annual event that is awaited by many artistists and designers alike, because it is time to show their intriguing and prospective projects in full glory. The Bienalle usually includes spheres such as art, dance, cinema, theatre and architecture. The recent exhibition is dedicated to architecture and it is entitled the “Common Ground”.
The exhibition has just started in late august and will continue throughout fall, until 25 of November, but it has already presented interesting projects. One of the most ecological projects so far is the Wall House by Anupama Kundoo. This is a replica of an original house, that was built in 2000 in Auroville, India. The house made of natural materials, such as wood and stone is a reaction to the environmental and cultural changes. The installation presents much more space, ventilation and communication. So far this is the biggest art installation in Venice Biennale.
Another intriguing highlight is a joint project from Switzerland architects, Miroslav Šik,Knapkiewicz + Fickert from Zurich and Miller & Maranta from Basel. The pavilion is decorated with the big proportioned pictures of the houses built by these three companies. The goal of this collaboration is to create a unified ground for construction of buildings that would be in harmony with each other, making a bigger statement of unity, rather than presenting many individual projects.
The last but not least interesting highlight is the Russian Pavilion, where SPEECH Tchoban / Kuznetsov presented their interesting i-city project. This is a very intriguing project, because it touches the past, present and the future of russian science and makes visible the invisible through technology. The pavilion is decorated with the QR Codes, and once you enter the pavilion you are given a tablet, with which you can scan the information about the russian scientific project, Skolkovo. Skolkovo is a large scale project that involves many areas of scientific research: IT, Biomed, Energy, Space, Nuclear Tech. To the viewer without a tablet, the pavilion appears like a peculiar box filled with mysterios tiles, but once you enter: it is a completely different world of information, ideas and aspiration attributed to Russian scientific community. The SPEECH Tchoban / Kuznetsov project is a very timely project, because it reveals the future, oriented towards information through visualization enhanced by informational technonologies.

Soon, we will see more of the inspiration projects presented for the Venice Biennale, because the party is not over yet!

Venice Biennale 2012 Projects:


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