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These Tiles Look Like Chocolate Bars

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I would’ve like to live in a house that’s made of chocolate, I and another half of humanity at least. I guess now I have a chance to be a bit closer to the dream thanks to ONZA, a collection of ceramic tiles by MUT Design that were inspired by chocolate bars. These are available in three balanced and neutral colors – grey, white and terracotta.

Tiles have invisible joints so they can be combined into any form you like and also the colors work well together, which gives more room for experimentation if you decide to make a multi-colored wall, for example. Tiles have smooth and soft texture and look interesting on the wall in different colors, which creates a postmodern interior.

Tiles Inspired by Chocolate Bars

Onza chocolate-inspired tiles

Onza tile orange

Onza Tiles

Onza white tiles

Onza orange tiles

Onza grey tiles


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