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The Fantasies of Charles

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Dinners can be fantastic sometimes, and sometimes they can be even magical. The Fantasy of Charles is an amazing magical table that gathered dear guests and nature in one spot.

fantasy of charles

Magical dinner party of Charles Kaisin

Charles Kaisin, a young Belgian designer , most known for his environmentally friendly décor items, has recently hosted a casual, yet very exciting event: the dinner party. He called it the “Fantasy of Charles”, and it presented his newly designed table, which got as close to nature as possible: it was supported by tree trunks. 10 foot solid oak table hosted a rather nice company of his, during the Art Brussels fair.

The table itself is supported solely by young trees, and they spread to their length allowing branches to hit the ceiling.An amazing table also features wooden candleholders, an assumed part of the tree trunks. By the evening, while the party was at its loudest, Charles Kaisin allowed 36 real birds to fly freely all over the place. Apparently his dinner party was somewhat mask ball, because all the guest appear to wear costumes. With the dim lights and birds, and of course, not the least the table – the magical fantasy party effect was achieved.

Charles Kaisin does appear to be an extravagant nature loving person, with his amazing works in recycling and eco-friendly designs. However, this amazing table by itself stirs imagination and hope for magic. The use of it as a dinner party centerpiece is very unique and nice, expecially with all those birds freely flying around. Would you like to be invited to this kind of party?

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