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Terres Home Rug Collection

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Eeuwes Studio has released a new, already second collection of rugs, inspired this time by Aerial landscapes. The collection consists of rugs that feature the landscapes as seen from the airplane, all very stylish and minimalistic.

Awesome rug collection

Aerial Landscapes in Rugs

The name of the project “Terre Des Hommes” from French could be translated as “land of men”, but the inspiration goes far beyond. As mentioned earlier, the rug collection was inspired by the aerial theme, which could be seen if we take a look at rug pieces. All of them are abstract lines, with relatively no color, with few exceptions.

As guessed by the theme, the patterns on the carpet echo the actual farming practices, which are quite evident from the airplane’s flight height. The rugs are very minimalistic in their design, offering very few explanations on the patterns. There are six mats in the collection and there are variations in color to suit every room, starting from the blue to grey and colorful abstract mats for kids’ room. Four out of six rugs are very strict in their colors, however very explicit about the farming patterns, which are highlighted by different hues.

Now, the previous rug collection is very remote from the present one. It has taken the inspiration for designs in Scottish countryside, also from the aerial perspective, but in more cheerful colors. Quite a contrast between the collections, as one might notice!

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