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Strand installation by Stuart Haygarth

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Have you ever wondered what ends up on the ocean flour? Stuart Haygarth have explored this question making a Stand Installation out of hundreds of objects found washed up on British beaches.

Art Installation by Stuart Haygarth

An interesting art installation was recently displayed at the in the atrium of a new London cancer centre. This is a permanent installation for the Macmillan cancer centre in central London, which was a request from University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
The Strand art installation is comprised of different objects that were found during a 500-mile coastal walk from Gravesend in Kent to Land’s End in Cornwall. Each object was categorized by its color and its purpose. Among other objects there were: toys, gloves, shoes, combs, buoys, disposable lighters, fibreglass from boats, brushes, floor vinyl, handles, balls, packaging, lids from containers, balls, artificial flowers, fishing equipment, spades, babies’ dummies, plastic buckets and wheels! The most popular objects were plastic lighters and tampon applicators, while the most unusual was a pink plastic drinking straw in the shape of a penis, found in Margate in Kent. As on the meaning of this installation, Stuart Haygarth revealed:

“At some point in time cancer will affect most of us, either directly or indirectly through people we know. It has become one of our greatest fears. Dealing with the disease is both a mental and physical journey and throws the diagnosed into the unknown”.


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