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Steampunk Tornado Shelter: Ekinoid Project

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Tornado shelters are really essential if you live in an area prone to tornado attacks, however, no one said that they need to be boring and simple. Well, Ekinoid project is a pre-fabricated tornado shelter with a distinct steampunk appeal, but this shelter is more than just a tornado retreat. It is an ecologically sound project that is self-sustainable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Ekinoid Sphere Project

Ekinoid Project

Prototype Of Ekinoid Project

The Ekinoid Project is a unique construction that will help population not only in case of a tornado warning, but perhaps more global problems, such as lack of fertile land. The spherical construction is elevated off the ground and stands on five stilts. It is powered with wind and solar energy, capable of withstanding disasters like floods or storms. The exterior is very sturdy and designed to retain the shape no matter what climate is out there.

Since the Ekinoid Project is elevated from the ground, there is a ladder leading up the way. Well, as you might guess it is still being a project, but the sphere is supposed to have about 2 500 square feet of internal space. Currently there has been a smaller model of the project made from copper sheathing that resembles steampunk constructions.

Ekinoid Project

Computerized Ekinoid Town

Originally the minds behind the project envisioned a whole town of spherical shelters suited for areas in conditions of severe climates. Although the construction is rather lightweight it is sturdy and can be assembled by anybody. Although such a house can be constructed in over a week, the cost of such ‘shelter’ is rather dramatic – about $80 000. However, taking into consideration that the creators were thinking of a contemporary dwelling of roughly 2500 square feet of livable space – it is no surprise that the price is rather high. So, what do you say? Do you like this steampunk-styled shelter or prefer more conventional designs?

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