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This Stained Glass Furniture Collection Is Design Milan Week Highlight

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Stained glass cabinet

Stained glass is an incredibly beautiful thing but nowadays it’s rarely a part of modern design. Thankfully sometimes designers incorporate this old trend into their work and we get something like this housing complex in Amsterdam or this capsule furniture collection by Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe unveiled at Design Milan Week and definitely became its highlight.

The line includes two oval cabinets with stained glass doors, one is horizontal and the other is vertical, and a screen made of linked stained glass metal-framed circles.

The design is so fresh there isn’t a hint of the old-fashioned aesthetic that stained glass usually brings with it. The patterns are very modern and include only geometric shapes. The semi-transparent back of the cabinets allows light through the stained glass doors, which also casts a beautiful colorful shadow. Inspired by Cologne’s Cathedral these cabinets are as far from traditional as they can be.

Cabinet with stained glass doors

Stained glass cabinet


upright cabinet

Red cabinet

Stained glass screen


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