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Private Workplace Campeggi Tuttomio

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For those of you who feels like having some private space for work in an apartment, Emanuele Magini has designed Tuttomio – a small and private nook where you can work, read or write. It is one of the most compact office cubicles ever made. Tuttomio means “all mine” in Italian. And it’s true, the whole space is yours, and when you get inside, the outer world disappears.

Most Compact Office – Campeggi Tuttomio

tuttomio private workplace

Design created with simplicity and style by Milan-based designer provides users with impromptu privacy. Magini has won several international awards for furniture design and is a former set designer for Disney Italy. 

Campeggi Tuttomio consists of a desk with a comfortable seat and rotating walls that look like two cone-shaped lounge chairs facing each other. You can probably mistake it for a lounger than a functional workstation but Tuttomio was created for work and it perfectly fullfils its functions. A self-contained cubicle that will perfectly fit in any house or apartment  gives some private space to everybody who needs it.

Rotating walls are letting you hide behind a pair of curved walls when you need to isolate yourself from any distractions (claustrophobics might want to pass up on this one). When you feel like talking to people again, simply move the walls to a desired level of opening by spinning them. The desk inside Tuttomio is big enough to fit a laptop, smartphone, and iPad.

The bad news is that there is no word about the price or information where you can buy it. Emenuele Magini says that he was designing Tuttomio mostly for libraries and airports – places where there are a lot of people and you really need some privacy. So maybe in future we will be able to find those amazing workstations in public places.


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