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Highlight of the NY Furniture and Design Exhibitions 2012

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Design and furniture exhibition is a common event in the world of design industry, coming annually at one place or another. This post will tell you need to know about the highlights of the NY based exhibitions of furnishings and interior design items.

NY Design

Favorites of the NY Design Fair

This post opens with an intriguing furniture collection presented at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. Herman Miller as the core designer and his collaboration of students have presented the best of the best in the Body and Mind Collection of furniture. The industrial design students of the Pratt Institute with help of Herman Miller produced a collection of furniture that is connecting the mind and the body of the human being. The design of the furniture is made specifically for increasing health potential, creating good environment for work and recreation.


Only nine pieces were presented at the Furniture Fair, and all them proved their originality. The collection consists of chairs that encourage right posture, self confidence, proper bone alignment; the lighting project with motion sensors, which allow the use to alter its form; a set of rocking chairs, that increase mind and body communication; chair for seniors; and a modular project that involves working with ones’ memories.

The recent Design Week that was set in New York City has also brought some really exciting interior decor pieces. The Nervous System new lights are an exciting development of lighting industry. The generative 3D printed lighting and small display of jewelry have added a touch of uniqueness, with its set of different lamps that are reminiscent of the nervous system and neurons. Another interesting pick is the Barrow Chair by Evan Clabots. Using the wheel barrow as an inspiration, he designed cute Barrow chair with feminine touches. The last highlight from the NY Design Week is the Picnic Table by the Voos Furniture. It features an ordinary table, but with grass on top of it.


As you can see New York design exhibitions can be very informative and amazing in their content. Exploring their awesome lots can be very inspiring, as they bring style and creative ideas into your interior design.

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