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Green Environment Exhibition 2012

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All of us need fresh air and gardening, or at least trees for clean air, but few would know that there are annual green environment exhibition that are displaying new innovative ideas in making this world a greener place.

Green exhibition

Green Pavilion décor ideas

Most of the green exhibitions are designed to tell the world an amazing truth about plants, that these green helpers are great air saviors and interior décor companions. So aimed at displaying the new greenery designs, our first fair would describe the annual RHS Chelsea exhibition with its unique “Environment” exposition.

green exhibition

The exposition is aimed at increasing people’s interest in including green into their urban lives: from hydroponic air-lifted green soilless bottle walls to old shoe planter decors. The urban London is over flown with fumes and dangerous elements, and what if not the plants would save it? Simon Watkins and his students introduced the “Green Spaces: Growing Your Own in Small Spaces”, which describes visually how to grow a little greenery corner just nearby. Other interesting site include the Treebox design by Armando Raish, Owen Morgan and Alexandra Froggart, who have displayed green urban wonder. It features all sizes of greenery that is included in the box. Another influential exposition is designed by Architecture Sans Frontiers, who used reclaimed materials creating big open spaces full of green life and fresh air.

green exhibition

The other event of our interest is the Northwest Flower and Garden show that took place in Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. It presented a great deal of useful information on the green style decor, including growing edibles! For instance there was an exhibition of the green roof with planted potatoes, presented by Kippenhouse, that introduced green roofing as an idea for little outdoor huts.


Continuing the green outdoor theme, there was a kitchen hut by the Cascadian Edible Landscape, which features many green elements. The most impressive exposition was using the little planters in usual home accesories, like test tubes! On with the theme, there were the Portholes and Time by Cultivar LLC and Midnight Blossom, which are mounted in the tree branches. Isn’t that amazing?

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