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Ellen Degeneres Creates Quirky Bedding For Bed Bath & Beyond

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Navy bedding

So Ellen DeGeneres apparently makes bedding now, and, apparently it’s pretty good. A lot of times famous people think that if they’re famous they can design stuff, and a lot of times they’re very wrong, but media hype it up anyway, just to be on the safe side, and as a plus gets all of that sweet clickbait. As unfortunate as that is, sometimes, somebody actually makes something decent.

Last year Ellen launched her lifestyle brand, which deals with all kinds of different things, and recently released a collection of bedding “for everyone”. The collection is actually pretty good, and while a bit conventional, it’s still quirky enough to be noticeable. It’s in mostly white and grey colors, with an occasional red pillow with a piggy drawn on it or a beige goat (or is it a dog?) in a minimalistic enough style, so it doesn’t become tasteless.

Overall it’s designed in a semi-modernistic fashion. Nice, but relatively strict, Cute but still functional. That sort of stuff. What do you think?

pink piggy pillowcase

doggy pillowcase

Joy pillowcase

printed pillowcase

Floral pillowcase

Grey white bedding

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