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Dazzling art of Bruno Munro

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Art installations can be different in origin, yet they all share at least one thing in common, they carry a statement of their creator to the world. Bruno Munro’s dazzling art is a combination of beautiful natural landscapes and modern technology.


Light Art Installations

Bruno Munro is a renowned for his dazzling art installations. His first creation, the “Field of light”, consisted of light fiber scattered around the actual green field. The “Fields of Light” art installation resembles little dandelion like light bulbs that spring up from the ground towards the upcoming moon. No wonder Munro exploited the flowers in the night theme, because his inspiration came from observations of flowers in the desert part of Australia. He carried the idea for long time, before it appeared in the “Fields of light” art installation.

As mentioned earlier, the concept was born in 1992, while observing desert life of Australia. However, the first “Field of Light” art installation appeared ten years after, in late 2003, however Munro kept on developing the idea through the ages making it better with each exhibition. In June 2012 he had the most recent exhibition of the Field of Light concept. This is Munro’s first solo show, where the dazzling acrylic flowers supported by the LED technology are shining through the grass.

Displayed at the Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, this art installation is a cooperation of six installations. Covering a pretty big area, the project is displaying different kinds of installations, from the forest of light flowers to 69 tower installations. The constant inspiration from nature and contemporary technology forces Bruno Munro to create more and more variations of the same project, improving them and broadcasting his message to the world.

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