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BrightNest: Your Guide to Home Organization

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Pinterest is amazing for its collection of creative projects for the home, such as DIY projects, ideas on room organization and tips on general upkeep, but between work and errands, we don’t really have as much time as we wish we would to properly search and read through lengthy tutorials. Because most of us have adjusted to the digital age where almost anything can be done on-the-go, we have this inclination to ask, “Is there an app for that?” Nowadays, there’s literally an app for everything, so there’s no need to fret.

So how can mobile technology help us promote simplicity in our homes?


Other than being our primary means of communication, our smartphones are consistently used as tools to simplify our lives, whether it’s by sorting out and reminding us of our due bills or providing us with recipes to make natural disinfectants. We aim for convenience when carrying out our daily tasks, which is why it only took about three years for the number of global smartphone users to double, according to Gaming Realms, whose advances in mobile optimization can be seen here. Because of our constant need for efficiency, we’re probably more likely to download apps for productivity over other categories like food and drink, and even social networking as reported in a report by Statista, which you can view in full here.

The app that homeowners would specifically be interested in though is something called BrightNest. Much like the name implies, that app has a variety of functions to brighten your home. The company behind the app, which is powered by Angie’s List, innovated an all-in-one home organizer that does everything you could possibly need to maintain and beautify your home, from creating cleaning schedules to supplying interior decorating ideas. Generally, any time you need assistance relating to your home, you’ll find the answers on BrightNest. With all these features combine, this app is truly a lifehacker for your home and can be viewed here.

BrightNest is completely free to use on Android and iOS devices, but you’ll have to sign up for an account on the website here. Don’t worry, no membership fees are required and the process is very easy.


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