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Bausch + Lomb Headquarter: Dedicated to Science

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Sometimes, dedication to work is so evident, that it becomes apparent in interior design. 137Kilo and Beza Projekt present an exclusive interior design project for a very successful pharmaceutical company Bausch + Lomb. Two designer teams have renovated the company’s headquarters located in Poland into an office, which shows off its dedication to science quite literally.

Scientific HQ of Pharmacy Company

Pharmaceutical Inspiration for Office

First of all, the main product of the company, contact lenses and research labs have been taken as inspiration for the interior. As mentioned earlier, there were two design teamsworking on the project. One, 137Kilo, focused on the interior design in general, making the framework of the project; while another, Beza Projekt, have provided unique furnishings such as the cute round pouffs.

The white interior refers to sterility of the office, once again referring to the company’s main products. The lenses particularly interested the designers, as they managed to recreate little socializing hubs, the so-called domes, that are quite transparent, yet still provide with privacy.

It is also important to note that the office is divided into workspaces, each with four seating spaces, with a tree in the center. This was a creative approach to promoting team spirit as each employee has to water the tree at least once a week.

Another socializing feature is present in the “fun room”, which has a library, a fussball table and an life-size playpen. This highlights the company dedication for creating best environment for their employees. Among other interesting features are plants that can be seen throughout the whole space. Greenery serves as excellent balancing color as it was chosen for its ability to purify air and collect dust. In general, the interior of Bausch + Lomb Headquarter is very fresh, employee-friendly and original.

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