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3 Stands That Will Turn Your Regular Office Desk Into A Standing One

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Standing desks may not be ideal alternatives but they provide you with ability to switch up sitting and standing, which may have been the relief your back needed all along. Throw some walking on breaks into the mix and you can alleviate the majority of problems connected to prolonged sitting (and standing). Here are three clever stands that can easily transform your regular office desk into a standing one and revert it back to normal once you’re tired and would like to sit again.


standing desk

standing desk

Oristand is probably the coolest cheapest stand out there that doesn’t just turn your desk into a standing workstation but it also collapses, which makes it super easy to store and it’s made of good ol’ recyclable cardboard. A two-step ladder provides space for your monitor/laptop and keyboard and mouse. You can switch back in a sec whenever you feel like it and you can spend the money you just saved on a full-fledged standing desk with this $25 option on a Level platform that allows you to constantly shift weight from one leg to another in a comfortable fashion.

The Upstanding Desk

Upstanding Desk

Made of premium Canadian plywood this crate-looking desk stand is a creation of designers Mikey Chen and Sam Carmichael and comes at a cozy price of around $200. Keep it at the corner of your regular desk and go from down up and back whenever you feel certain parts of your body could use a bit of a stretch.

NextDesk CrossOver

Nextdesk Crossover

NextDesk Crossover is the costliest option of the bunch but it can be perched on top of your office desk and regulated with just a push of a button. This one is made of natural Bamboo and offers 21 inches of height above your regular desk. You can adjust it just perfectly for your eye level regardless of whether you choose sitting or standing.

Roost 2.0 laptop stand

Roost 2.0 laptop stand collapsed

Standing desks aren’t the only workstations in demand right now. Since many people are working on laptops it can be difficult for them to keep good posture due to size and design of the device. After a visit to the doctor James Olander has designed a collapsible laptop stand called Roost that elevates your MacBook or Asus to eye level allowing for better posture. You will need an additional keyboard to keep on desk level for convenience. The stand is easy to store and costs around $70.


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